URC Announces CC Control Mobile App for Android

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URC CC Control Mobile App for AndroidThe release of URC’s Complete Control App for iOS was a bit of a shocker last year, at least for those of us who assumed that app control would remain the exclusive domain of the company’s more advanced, IP-based, multi-room Total Control systems. Now that the shock has worn off, it totally makes sense that URC would followup with a CC Control Mobile App for Android, which is exactly what the company did today.

As with the iOS version, you’ll still need to add an MRX-1 Network Base Station to your Complete Control system to make it app-ready, but with that in place and programmed, Android users will now be able to acess one-way IR, RS-232, IP, or relay control through their favorite phones or tablets. Add on an RFTX-1 Narrow Band RF transmitter and you’ll also be able to control URC Lighting by Lutron.

The press release also mentions that the CC Control Mobile App for Android will work with the MRX-2 Network Base Station, as well, but that’s a new one by me. An updated version of the MRX-1, perhaps? Interestingly, despite the lack of an official announcement, one of these puppies is already up for sale on eBay, and it certainly looks identical to the MRX-1, at least aesthetically, but there’s no listing as of yet on URC’s website.

[Update: Just got an email from Cat Toomey, director of marketing at URC, with clarification about the MRX-2: “The only real key difference is that this provides two-way RS-232 communication with URC Complete Control Network-Series products too.” Good to know.]

At any rate, as with the iOS App, the CC Control Mobile App for Android does require a professional setup, and does require a one-time license fee, which allows you to add as many Android devices to the system as you wish.

From the press release:

“By adding a powerful new Android app to our respected CCP stable we have significantly expanded the assortment of control interfaces and price point options that are available to our customers,” said Cat Toomey, director of marketing at URC. “It’s the perfect complement to our MX-series remotes and Complete Control systems and responds positively to our dealer’s ever-evolving needs.”

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