Best Buy Reward Zone Becomes “My Best Buy”

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My Best Buy Reinventing Reward ZoneIf you’re a Best Buy Reward Zone member, you may have noticed (or not) an email alert this week that the service has been re-branded as My Best Buy. More is changing than just the name, though. If you’re already a Reward Zone member, don’t worry; your points aren’t going anywhere, and depending on how much you spend at the store in the course of a year, they may not be expiring as quickly anymore.

My Best Buy is now a tiered rewards program. For basic My Best Buy members, things remain mostly the same: spend a buck, get a point, and for ever 250 points you accrue, you get a $5 gift certificate. That basic membership also gets you free shipping on orders of $25 and up, the standard 15-day return policy, and access to special sales events.

Spend $1,500 at Best Buy in the course of a calendar year and you’ll be upgraded to My Best Buy Elite, which gets you a 10% point bonus, free standard shipping on all orders, a 30-day return policy, and Elite Access sales events. Plus, you’ll be able to bank your points for bigger discounts, and you’ll have access to a dedicated Elite customer service line.

Up your spending to $3,500 per year and you’ll be upgraded to Elite Plus, which gets you a 25% point bonus, free expedited shipping on all orders, a 45-day return policy, Elite Plus sales events (which include advanced online access to Black Friday deals), and an even higher level of customer service support.

In the process, Best Buy is also adding additional benefits to its app, giving you bonus points for checking in via the app when you’re actually in the store, and delivering special promotions that are only available via the app.

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  • Phillip Hoffman

    I’am having trouble login. It won’t recognize my password.

  • Philip Davis

    I’m having trouble logging on. I did not get rewards points for new computer purchase, etc.

  • Philip Davis

    I didn’t get reward zone points on a computer purchase on 09-21-2013 also
    no reward zone points for a purchase on 09-22-2013.