KEF Introduces New X300A Wireless Speaker with Built-In AirPlay and DLNA

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KEF X300A Wireless speakerLeading up to CEDIA EXPO next week, KEF has tipped its hand on a couple of new products that will officially debut at the show. The first, an updated version of the company’s renowned X300A speaker, is simply dubbed the X300A Wireless. It features the same Uni-Q drivers as the original X300A, the same dedicated Class AB audiophile-grade amps for each driver, the same 96kHz/24-bit DACs, and the same gorgeous design. What’s changed? Mostly the fact that the new X300A Wireless features built-in AirPlay and DLNA connectivity. Setup of both wireless streaming technologies should be a snap thanks to KEF’s downloadable setup software for Mac and Windows, and acoustical setup is also a cinch thanks to the X300 A Wireless’s boundary compensation EQ switch. As for finishes, you’ll have your choice of Gunmetal and Linear White for the X300A Wireless, which will retail for $999 here in the Colonies.

KEF is also introducing a new member of its V Series lineup, the V300 dual-speaker home theater system. Think of it as a sort of soundbar in three pieces. Instead of a single bar that goes under or over the TV, the V300 consists of two slim, 1.4-inch deep speakers that can be wall-mounted or placed on tabletop or floor stands, along with a Class D amplification unit with onboard EQ that accepts its signals via HDMI 1.4, and can be mounted to the rear of the television or positioned discreetly nearby. Drivers include a pair of 4.5-inch, low-profile bass drivers and a one-inch vented aluminium tweeter with the traditional KEF “tangerine” waveguide. The V300 will sell for $899 in the US.

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