Rosewater Residential Storage Hub Is a Lean, Green UPS for Your Home

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Rosewater Storage HubThe weird thing about the crossover between home electronics and energy is that we really mean two entirely different things when we say “clean power.” On the one hand, we could be talking about sustainable sources of energy that don’t negatively impact the environment. On the other hand, we could be talking about the consistency of the electrical signal that’s fed to your electronics’ power supplies. And unfortunately, the former doesn’t deliver the latter in a lot of cases. Wind energy is notoriously “dirty,” so to speak, when it comes out of your home’s mains outlets. And dirty power is the very thing that your home electronics like the least. The Rosewater Storage Hub takes your off-grid power, stores it with juice in the on-board batteries, and makes sure a silky smooth flow of electrons enters your devices.

From the press release:

Sitting at less than half the size of the original  RoseWater Energy Residential Energy Storage Hub—introduced at CEDIA EXPO 2012—the new Model 1012 RoseWater Residential Energy Storage Hub (dimensions: 24” W x 36” D x 72” H) offers RoseWater’s award-winning energy storage capabilities while taking an agnostic approach to battery support. This unique approach to battery modularity allows electronic systems contractors to properly specify and incorporate the perfect battery solution based on factors like local climates, the physical location of the Hub, battery life cycles and the specific demands of the connected systems.

While the size, capacity, and placement of the device is up to the individual installer to figure out, the box is small enough that it should fit unobtrusively into your home. How long the system can last during a power outage is, of course, entirely dependent on capacity and load, but if you have your own off-grid energy source, or live in an area with dirty, uneven power, the Rosewater Residential Storage Hub might be a worthwhile addition to your house to protect your investments inside from the uncertainties outside.

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