TruAudio Unveils Thor and Beatles-Themed Subwoofers

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TruAudio Thor SubterrainTruAudio is bringing some new sound equipment to CEDIA next week that’s practically legendary already, if only by association. The first of the company’s new subwoofers debuting at the show comes from mighty Asgard in the sky, to rock thy world with thunder, and the second rises from below, to shake your groovy thing with Pepper Power. While neither Marvel nor the Fab Four seem to have officially licensed these new Thor and Beatles-themed subwoofers, they’re intended to invoke a concept, rather than a license.

The first, crafted in the likeness of The Mighty Thor’s Mjolnir, will lay the hammer down on your home theater with its 12-inch black anodized aluminum cone, cast basket, long excursion, and 2.5-inch two-layer voice coil. It’s also etched with Norse runes that undoubtedly will give it the power of the Thunder God, at least until Loki starts cracking the walls and the party-poopers make you stop.

From the press release:

With TruCustom, we create a lot of soundbars of different lengths to match a variety of flat-screen sizes. Custom speakers are usually built to fit specific install requirements. But it’s in custom-making subs where the client’s personality really comes out. It makes for some creative fun,” said Kary Wawrzyniak, VP of TruAudio’s technical development. “The Thor Sub is our first custom subwoofer patterned after a movie!”

But that’s not all — the less blatant, but still thematically appropriate SubTerrain outdoor subwoofer up-periscopes from its bright psychedelic housing, a color chosen very much on purpose to make customers eager to get it into the ground.

The SubTerrain was purposefully designed to produce deeper bass, higher volume and a better sound.

Most underground subwoofers push sound straight up their port tube only to hit a u-shaped cap that directs it straight down to the ground. Clients don’t want sound directed at the ground. They want it dispersed throughout the surrounding area.

The SubTerrain was designed with a bell-shaped port tube at both ends to allow maximum air flow. Maximizing the air flow maximizes the bass volume produced by the SubTerrain’s 10” injected polypropylene driver

Both the Mighty and the (Yellow) Meanie new subs will be shown at TruAudio’s booth next week at CEDIA EXPO, and soon in your local authorized TruAudio showroom. While one lucky integrator will be able to penetrate Odin’s treasure room, and make off with the Cube of Infinite Bass, the mere mortals incapable of such a feat will have to pony up 3500 pieces of gold for the privilege of wielding the Power of TruAudio and Thor. May Odin smile upon you!

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