“My Russound” iOS App Earns Its Name with New Customization Capabilities

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Russound Launcher for My Russound_App-3Notice how you haven’t seen any of those “There’s an app for that” commercials in a while? You know why? Because there’s an app for everything now. Which is all well and fine until you just want to kick back, listen to some tunes, and perhaps browse a little social media, check your mail, or dim the lights without having to double-tap and scroll and hunt-and-peck for all of the different apps that manage those functions. Russound has just announced new functionality for its My Russound app  that should simplify things quite a bit — at least for owners of its C-Series and (upcoming) XStream X5 multiroom audio control systems.

Sometime in Q4 of this year, My Russound app users will notice a little triangle appear in the bottom left corner of the app. This new Launcher button will give users quick access to everything from Gmail and Twitter to IP cameras and Lutron lighting control, all from little widgets that can either be configured by the dealer, or quickly and easily be set up by the end user. You can even check the weather via The Weather Channel, and if a quick chill is on its way, adjust your smart thermostat without having to leave the My Russound app. Adding a web widget is as simple as plugging in a URL, giving the widget a name, and pressing the Save button. Launcher will also sport native integration of many iOS apps, as well.

From the press release:

“Throughout the design process for Launcher, we had one keyword in mind,” said Charlie Porritt, CEO of Russound. “It’s the same keyword that has defined the My Russound experience since the introduction of the app: ‘simplicity.’ We didn’t merely want users to be able to access their lights, security cameras, HVAC, and all of their favorite social media and communications tools from within the app; we wanted them to be able to add their own, to customize the experience—to truly live up to the “My Russound” name, without adding an ounce of complexity.”

If you’re attending CEDIA EXPO 2013, drop by Russound’s booth (2204) or rooms  (501 and 501) for more information.

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