Control4 and Dish Debut Deep Hopper Integration at CEDIA

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Dish Announces Deep Integration Between Hopper and Control4This year’s CEDIA EXPO is turning out to be a huge one for Control4. Yesterday’s announcement of Nest compatibility was cause enough for excitement, but at a lunchtime press conference today, Dish Network announced complete integration between Control4 and the Hopper is on its way soon.

Those of you who read my regular Control4 OS update announcements know that for the past year, I’ve gotten more than a little depressed when the long-promised SDDP driver for the Hopper didn’t materialize.

The wait was definitely worth it, because the announced integration extends way further than mere IP control and easy setup: Control4 will be tapping into the Hopper API released a few months back to bring Dish’s programming data, DVR management, Video-on-Demand browsing, and pay-per-view ordering all into the Control4 ecosystem.

From the press release:

“Working with a home automation leader like Control4 is only the first step, and it’s also the direct result of our decision announced in July to open the Hopper platform and its capabilities to more companies.  Our decision to work with industry leaders in the home automation industry ensures that automation systems have the ability to control the Hopper over an Internet Protocol network,” said Vivek Khemka, DISH Senior Vice President of Product Management.  “Here at CEDIA Expo, we are offering a glimpse of what consumers may see in the future and what new capabilities high-end installers can offer,” Khemka said.

“The Control4 open platform is designed to enable dealers to integrate any digital device in the home into a Control4 automation system.  By integrating SDDP into the DISH Hopper receiver along with DISH’s shared APIs, installation and programming of this popular DVR and service is radically simplified.  Now the homeowner can access and enjoy their favorite programming, see what’s “now playing” and get access to the guide with their Control4 remote, touchscreen or smart phone app,” said Eric Anderson, Control4 Senior Vice President, Products.  “This represents the beginning of a deeper integration and therefore much richer experience for consumers with the new expanded APIs.  And there is more to come,” he said.

Control4 and Dish report that the new integration capabilities will be coming “soon.” I say not soon enough!

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