URC Debuts New TRC-1080 Remote for Total Control

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URC TRC-1080URC’s programmable remote controls have long been a favorite in the home theater space. From user programmable remotes in the Harmony vein to advanced one-room controllers designed for custom programming under the Complete Control heading, on to of course the company’s new-ish Total Control whole home control system, URC has a little something for every space, but at this year’s CEDIA EXPO, the company is introducing what it claims to be its most handsome remote yet — the TRC-1080 Wi-Fi Remote Control.

From the press release:

Featuring a vivid 2-inch color high-resolution screen, the sleek, ergonomically designed TRC-1080 sits in a stylish piano black tabletop charging cradle that looks elegant in any environment. Equipped with just the right number of buttons, including the four color-coded cable box buttons, users can enjoy fast access to every function and explore any interactive service their TV/cable provider delivers. Already the winner of two major industry awards, the TRC-1080 also employs the latest in battery technology, extending battery life and making it the perfect eco-friendly addition to a Total Control system.

One of the biggest problems people have with WiFi remotes is that they tend to have two settings: Battery Suck and Slow as Molasses. Typically the remotes wait until you press a button to join the WiFi network, but with the TRC-1080 the remote actually starts the process the second you pick it up, making sure that by the time you click, it’s ready to rock via Quick Wi-Fi connect. The TRC-1080 is available now from URC. MSRP for the TRC-1080 is $599. Programming is accomplished by any authorized Total Control Dealer or Master Dealer using URC Accelerator software.

URC TRF-ZW1At the same time, the company announced the new TRF-ZW1 Z-Wave Extender, which adds control of any Z-Wave device (dimmers, door locks, you name it) to the Total Control ecosystem.

This is a pretty big deal, since many home automation DIYers start with Z-Wave products, which often have to be replaced when said DIYers decided to upgrade to a truly custom designed system. Now if you have a home full of Z-wave devices and want to migrate to URC Total Control, your Z-Wave gear can come along for the ride.

Pricing for the is $250, and you can also opt for a $24.99/year subscription service that adds remote monitoring of Z-Wave device status, as well as off-site consume programming capabilities and email/SMS notifications.

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