Netflix Enables SuperHD for Everyone

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Netflix SuperHDOriginally introduced in January, and only running on select ISPs who agreed to a direct connection to the Netflix backbone, SuperHD is now available for anyone who has the internet pipeline needed to support it, regardless of their ISP.

Netflix is still continuing to work on the OpenConnect Alliance, which seeks to partner streaming services with ISPs to reduce the load on their networks by creating more servers, and super data on ramps in the busiest sections, to not only improve throughput, but to make sure that the least distance traveled is used. Even with such precautions in place, having the bandwidth infrastructure to make it happen is still the biggest piece of the puzzle, but Netflix hopes to make supporting SuperHD  as easy as possible.

It’s nice, though, that OpenConnect is no longer required for SuperHD, because until now Netflix subscribers have been at the mercy of their service providers to play well with Netflix for access to the company’s best-looking streams.

The Netflix Blog has more:

Netflix uses “adaptive streaming” to dynamically adjust the video quality based on the available bandwidth. This means that the ability to receive Super HD depends on broadband quality and performance. Netflix members who subscribe to an ISP with a direct Netflix connection will get the best experience. Find out more about ISP performance by consulting the Netflix ISP Speed Index.

It’s been suggested by acquaintances that have had access to the SuperHD service that 8-9Mbps of speed is required to make it happen efficiently, and SuperHD is only available on select titles. So if you have the bandwidth, you should be able to enjoy increased quality on any device that supports 1080p this very weekend. Enjoy!

Via: [Netflix Blog]



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