Samsung Smart TV Is Smart Enough to Know the Original Battlestar Galactica Was Better

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Samsung Smart TV Is Smart Enough to Know the Original Battlestar Galactica Was BetterIn these days of DVR, many of us don’t watch a lot of commercials, but after being preoccupied last night during The Simpsons, I caught an ad that gave me pause. Samsung’s Smart TVs have gotten a lot smarter this year, actually going so far as to recommend shows for you to watch based on past viewing preferences, Netflix style. The system is so smart in fact, that it understands the fact that Battlestar Galactica was better when Starbuck was a man.

And yes, I realize some of you enjoy a show that went by the name Battlestar Galacitca on SyFy in recent years, but let’s face it: West Side Story, a production that carried over none of the proper nouns or the setting of its “inspiration” (that would be Romeo and Juliet for those of you keeping score at home), is a far more successful remake when it comes to capturing the actual story and characters.

At any rate, here’s the new ad:

It’s a slick commercial that shows off the voice and gesture control capabilities of the set very nicely, especially its ability to take commands like “Find me a show like Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and then play 6 Degrees of Whatever with the stuff you’ve watched and the comparison show to try to find you something new.

If only longtime Samsung partner Microsoft can be this successful in communicating simple and fun ideas when the Xbox One marketing blitz starts in the next couple weeks. But I’m not holding my breath.

Product page: [Samsung Smart TV]

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  • Robert Monktohn

    i like battlestar galacticia, but I didnt like how they spaceships didn’t make noise when they flew around. They should say whoooooosh, right?!!@!

    Anyways, I didnt know it was based on an old show. I saw a couple episodes and it looked reel cheesy. But I liked that Adama guy from the dog food commercials