EcoFactor Brings Energy Analytics to iControl Systems

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EcoFactor EcoSaver screen capture iControlEcoFactor Joins the iControl OpenHome™ Partner Program to Add Energy Data and Analytical Tools that Deliver True In-Home Energy Efficiency to the Masses

It’s been an interesting month for advanced HVAC control and home automation. First, The Drivers Lab integrated what I feel to be the most advanced and interesting thermostat on the market, the ecobee, into the Control4 ecosystem. Then Nest Labs announced the release of its API, with Control4 as its first partner in that initiative. Now EcoFactor has announced that it’s joining the iControl OpenHome Partner Program, delivering advanced HVAC energy usage monitoring and control to that home management platform.

iControl, if you’re not familiar with it, is a home control platform built mostly on home security, with climate control and monitoring built in. It serves as the backbone for Comcast’s Xfinity service, ADT’s Pulse, Time Warner Cables IntelligentHome, and other telecom security/automation subscription services, as well as the standalone G2i home automation solution. EcoFactor already powers Xfinity’s EcoSaver, but will now be fully integrated into the iControl platform, providing predictive analytics for energy devices and appliances across the board.

From the press release:

“EcoFactor adds advanced energy management capabilities across our entire device ecosystem,” said Jim Johnson, senior vice president and general manager of iControl’s Austin Division. “Our vision is to give consumers a 360 degree view of their energy usage, as well as the tools to make smart energy decisions with the touch of a button. This partnership is making that vision a reality.”

iControl Networks’ open platform connects certified energy management devices to EcoFactor’s data analytics algorithms that optimize and automate thermostats and other energy management devices. With reach through an expanding network of service providers that offer smart home solutions, the energy management service is already available to over 50 million households in North America. In addition, the EcoFactor service enables customers to keep track of their HVAC energy use and savings anytime via the service provider’s web portal.

“Our expertise in data-driven energy services helps service providers to simultaneously deliver significant energy savings as well as enhanced comfort,” said John Steinberg, executive vice president of business development at EcoFactor. “Offering fully automated energy management to consumers who have access to the iControl solution is a big step toward our goal of making effortless savings available to everyone.

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