Report: Panasonic Will Stop Making Plasma TVs

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Panasonic's VIERA 65-inch Class ZT60 Series Full HD Plasma TV: One of the last great plasma TVs standing?

Ask any videophile and they’ll tell you that, after all these years, plasma still kicks LCD’s butt in terms of picture quality. Unfortunately, there will be even fewer plasma TVs to choose from if this report is true that Panasonic is exiting the plasma TV business.

VentureBeat’s story cites a Nikkei report that Panasonic plans to cease plasma TV production in March 2014, as well as the fact that the Japanese electronics giant lost $7.7 billion — billion! — on plasma TV production in 2012.

Plasma TVs are heavier than LCD TVs, and they consume more energy than their rivals as well. However, ask a video expert and he or she will tell you that plasma is superior in terms of accurate video reproduction. But with 4K and OLED sets on the way, the plasma HDTV’s time nevertheless may be drawing to a close.

Of course, this isn’t the first we’ve heard of Panasonic’s possibly exit from the plasma market. But HomeTechTell editor-in-chief Dennis Burger, upon hearing the news, had this to say: “This year’s Samsung F8500 and Panasonic ZT60 were, hands down, the best looking TVs that money could buy (and yes, I’m including all of the new 4K models in that equation) until the OLEDs officially hit. Unfortunately, this leaves Samsung and LG as the only major plasma sellers left.”

The good news? You’ll likely still see Panasonic plasmas on shelves long after production ceases, which means some awesome deals may be in the offing.

Via: [VentureBeat]

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