Klipsch Introduces the SB 120 Soundbar Alternative

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Klipsch HD Theater SB 120 TV sound systemLast month, Klipsch’s Energy brand threw its hat into the sound console ring with the Energy Power Base. Today, Klipsch announced its own similar soundbar alternative: the SB 120 TV Sound System. Given the shared DNA, you might think that the SB 120 is simply a re-branded Power Base — and its true that the two do share quite a bit in common in terms of innards and components — but the two are actually quite distinct in terms of aesthetics, performance, and price.

The $499 SB 120, like the Energy Base, is a 2.1-channel speaker system designed to deliver pretty robust base without the need for a separate subwoofer. It’s also designed to act as the pedestal for your flat panel TV, assuming it isn’t wall mounted. Like the Energy Base, the SB 120 also features Bluetooth connectivity, along with integrated Dolby Digital decoding. It also sports 160 watts of total system power, two 3″x5″ woofers, two 3″ mid drivers, features a 3D sound mode to create a simulated surround sound effect, and comes packed with a free digital optical cable, a 3.5mm to dual RCA cable, and a remote control.

Where the two products different (aside from aesthetics) is the Klipsch-exclusive Tractrix Horns coupled to the tweeters, which promised to reduce distortion, enhance dispersion, and improve dialogue clarity. The SB 120 also delivers bass extension down to 50Hz (-3dB), which is 15Hz lower than the Energy Base.

The Klipcsh SB 120 is available now for $499.99 from authorized Klipsh dealers, the company’s website, or (where you’ll save a grand total of ninety-nine cents).

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