Sanus’ New Trillium Cabinet Collection is Sexy and Spacious

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Sanus Trillium63 WalnutMy media room has undergone quite the transformation in recent months. First, there was the new addition of Paradigm’s gorgeous Studio 100 tower speakers, then it was in with some new furniture and out with some old. There’s been a bit of rearranging and opening up of the layout, too, and as such it’s starting to look more like an actual living space and less like a man cave. The downside to all of that? Somewhere along the way, I realized that my trusty OmniMount RE27 rack looks a little out of place now. But what to do with all my gear? Most AV stands are made to hold a handful of components at most. I’ve got so many black boxes that I recently had to add a second SurgeX surge eliminator to my home theater system just to keep everything protected. And pretty wooden credenzas just aren’t usually made for people with systems as expansive as mine. Or are they? Sanus’ new Trillium furniture collection has me rethinking that.

The three new cabinets in the Trillium collection feature everything a tech junky needs combined with a look that any spousal unit would approve of. In addition to wide, extra-large shelves and handy hidden cable pathways, as well as little alcoves for all of the network switches and automation controllers and other little doodads it takes to maintain a modern home entertainment system, the Trillium cabinets benefit from removable back panels and handy side-panel access.

Sanus Juniper53 Angled Open whiteThe new line includes three models: the Juniper53, which features wood slat cutouts, and the Trillium53 and Trillium63, both of which have metal grille doors with wide openings that provide the perfect balance of protection and ventilation.

The 53-inch models are designed to support flat-panel TVs up to 60 inches and are available for $599.99, while the the 63-inch models can support 70 inches of screen real estate and sell for $799.99 MSRP. As for finishes, Juniper53 is available in antique white, whereas you get your choice of dark cherry or walnut for the Trillium53 and Trillium63.

Of course, if none of those meets your needs, Sanus also recently introduced its Cadenza75, which boasts an amazing 22RU of shelf space. My only complaint about new offerings? The fact that I’ve gone from feeling that I had no attractive solutions capable of housing my home theater system to feeling like I have too many options.

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