Luxury Audio Upstart AudioXperts Closes Its Doors

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AudioXperts 4TV Model 2112 Virtual Surround Sound ConsoleVia (by way of Dealerscope) comes the disappointing news that AudioXperts has abruptly ceased operations. If you’re not familiar with AudioXperts, it’s probably because after a year in business, the company struggled to expand its brand beyond the popular 4TV line of sound consoles. I reviewed the 4TV Model 2112 Virtual Surround Sound Console last year and was blown away not only by the sound quality — especially its wonderful bass performance — but also the luxurious build quality of the cabinet. And apparently consumers have responded well to the 2112, especially in markets like Europe and Asia.

So what happened to make AudioXperts tank? Unfortunately, it all boils down to production delays and funding. From the story at

The core of the issue centers around the company that [AudioXperts President Eli] Harary had partnered with to both fund the company – and, to build its products. While Harary declined to name the partner, he did tell us: “They are a major audio manufacturer that is based in Taiwan with factories in China.”

According to Harary, not long after putting an agreement together with this partner, his contact within the company retired and new people became involved. In fact, he told us that the company went through a major management changeover that had a real impact on what would later transpire in this partnership.

The deal he had put together with this design, engineering, manufacturing – and most importantly, financing – partner had an agreed-upon “investment ceiling” which represented the maximum amount of funds the company was willing to invest in establishing AudioXperts.

But Harary noted that with the many changes that took place internally at this partner, product manufacturing and delivery were very delayed. And even when those late products were finally delivered, they required much more reworking for quality and software issues, than was originally anticipated.

Oy. That hits a little too close to home at the moment.

At any rate, the good news is that sufficient parts are available to honor AudioXperts warranties for “years to come” on existing products, but it’s sad to see such a promising luxury audio brand cease production over what basically boils down to politics.

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