Google Fiber Now Supports Home Servers

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Google Fiber Since the beginning of broadband, there has been a killjoy clause with a lot of ISPs that specifically forbade you from running a server on your connection. Fears (justified occasionally, mind you) of servers running massive bandwidth from constantly connected FTP or multiplayer gaming services have caused many a nastygram arriving in end users’ accounts because they like to share their music and movie collections with their buddies.

After being called out on their statements that servers would be allowed, with an end user policy that forbade them, Google Fiber has now explicitly changed its policies to allow servers, but for non-commercial use only. That means that if you have a home business or office that contains your massive video archive that you sell for stock footage, you’re out of luck. 1000 hours of baby videos for friends and relatives? Allowed. Battlefield server for your friends? Allowed. Hacked World of Warcraft server that you charge to play on? Not allowed to run on your Google Fiber connection.

Just remember that streaming your video  collection over the internet, while very doable, could still get you flagged, as transmitting the content without a license to do so is still actionable. So don’t binge all 200+ episodes of Stargate in full DVD quality (approx 400GB) and expect someone at Google Fiber not to notice.

Via: [Ars Technica]

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