Neurio Brings a New Level of Intelligence to Home Energy Management

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Neurio app-overviewManaging and monitoring the energy usage of the devices in your home usually involves either having individual Kill A Watt-like, or buying into complicated whole-home systems like TED 5000, which I’ll admit I don’t even understand completely (and I’m a junky for this sort of thing). Energy Aware has just announced a new intelligent energy management system called Neurio, though, which looks to be equal parts user-friendly, unobtrusive, and comprehensive. It’s also really affordable, especially if you hop on the Kickstarter project, which just launched today.

For the first 24 hours, you’ll be able to snag a Neurio system for $99 Canadian (assuming you’re one of the first 100 people to pledge). After that, there will be 100 Neurio packages available for $149 CAD, and a Kickstarter-only pre-order deal of $229 CAD if you miss that window too. What do you get for that amount of coin? The Neurio sensor, for one thing, along with access to the company’s cloud service and its Trigger and Wattson smartphone apps. Furthermore, Energy Aware is following the recent trend of releasing its APIs and source code, so you’ll be able to develop your own apps and automation programs, if that’s your kinda thing.

But what, exactly, does Neurio do? The Kickstarter promo video gives a good overview:

While the thought of tinkering with high voltage lines may seem a little scary, the company’s breakdown of the installation processes makes it sound pretty simple, actually. Of course, you could always hire an electrician to help you get the Neurio Sensor installed in your breaker box. After that, it all seems quite simple: add the device to your home network, install the apps, and start keeping tabs on all of your energy usage. Neurio uses advanced algorithms to identify your electronic devices based on their unique current draw, and while you’ll need controllable outlets like WeMo to make use of Neurio’s control capabilities, there’s still a heck of a lot of value in just being able to see how much your electronics are costing you to run.

From the press release:

Neurio is a Wi-Fi power monitor and cloud-based platform that measures the home’s total power use and shows which appliance is using power – without having to install individual sensors at each appliance. Beta users have saved up to 44% off their energy bills by identifying what they should turn off or unplug.

“What makes Neurio exciting is that it offers something for everyone,” says Dr. Ali Kashani, VP Software for Energy Aware, “whether you’re simply looking to learn more about the state of your appliances and their cost to run, or you want to use Neurio to fuel your own home automation projects, Neurio gives you full access to your home’s power data.” Neurio has an open platform with a public API, so it can power new apps and integrate with third party systems designed to automate the home.

So far, it looks like integration with more DIY automation solutions like SmartThings, IFTTT, and Raspberry Pi are Energy Aware’s primary focus for now, but given that the APIs will be released to Kickstarter backers, if this thing takes off in a big way, I imagine someone will write drivers for more advanced control solutions like Control4.

But first, Neurio has to be funded. And things are looking promising in that department. The Kickstarter project has only been live for a couple of hours now, and already has nearly over $4,000 in pledges against a $90,000 goal.

Product page: [Neurio — Home Intelligence]

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