Sharp Intern Designs Chop-Syc Smart Cutting Board

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chop-syc demoThere been a huge movement lately toward bringing the entire kitchen into the “Internet of Things,” for lack of a better way of describing it. Stoves can be turned on over Wi-Fi, refrigerators can tell you when you’re out of milk. But we’ve been promised these innovations for so long now that when they finally arrived, they didn’t really feel fresh or innovative. Furthermore, they didn’t feel particularly useful. That is, until Siobhán Andrews came up with the Chop-Syc interactive cutting board and won a paid internship at Sharp. Not only can you cut things on Chop-Syc (no shock there), but it’s got a tablet built in with some custom tools and software to make it very special indeed.

Safely encased in a wood block to prevent kitchen accidents, the Chop-Syc includes interactive recipe capabilities that go far beyond merely displaying ingredients in the handiest of all locations. It can automatically scale a recipe for more or fewer people, and then let you use the built-in scale to know when you have enough of something. In addition, the board can help with portion control, by presenting sizing guides to determine how much spaghetti you need just by putting your noodles down in the displayed circle. Not only is this great for your next dinner party, but if you’re on a diet the tablet can help you make sure you’re staying within the plan. In my opinion, this thing is seriously swanky, and Sharp is considering bringing the Chop-Syc to market. If they do, I hope that young lady isn’t an intern very long and sees a nice bonus check to boot.

Via: [Vimeo]

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