RTI Now Shipping T1-B+ Second-Gen Wireless Controller

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RTI's T1-B+ Remote Control

RTI’s T1-B+ Remote Control

With all of the emphasis on smartphone and tablet remote control apps these days, it’s easy to forget that there are still manufacturers of dedicated remote control units who continue to innovate in the custom installation channel. URC, for one. Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI), for another. Today, RTI announced that it’s now shipping its new T1-B+ wireless controller, which ups the ante for the category once again.

Tired of finicky touchscreens, and want nice, tactile hard buttons? The T1-B+ has you covered with 40 of them. Those buttons are backlit too, perfect for those late-night viewing sessions.

The T1-B+ succeeds RTI’s existing T1-B controller by adding numerous integrator-friendly features that mean better functionality and performance for you.

“Integrator-friendly?” you may ask. “What does that mean?” As a consumer, you can’t buy advanced remotes like the T1-B+ yourself. Nor should you; they are highly complex to program properly. But your friendly neighborhood custom installer or home theater shop would be happy to set one up for you and make it really sing.

Smartphone remote control apps are great for their convenience, but there’s nothing like a device like the T1-B+ that just does remote control. After all, you might get a call on that smartphone, and the kids might have taken your tablet to an unknown place. And then where would you be? Stuck watching a show you don’t like, with no volume or channel control.

If you’d like to talk more with your local dealer about these super-remotes, contact your local RTI or URC dealer. They’d love to talk to you about how products like the T1-B+ can greatly improve and simplify your home media setup.

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