Coby’s New Owners Won’t Honor Old Warranties

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Coby DVD PlayerEven if you tend to buy the nicer things, chances are good that you have some inexpensive gear that you bought to be basically disposable, or for the kids so that when they inevitably drop it, it’s not a huge loss. Coby was one of those brands that often fit the bill for those functions, but after a decision against the company resulting from a dispute with Phillips, the Coby brand went the way of the dodo after slowly bleeding out over the last year.

Gordon Brothers, the liquidator responsible for disposing of such ’90s icons as CompUSA and Sharper Image, has purchased the Coby brand, intending on returning it to former glory, such as it was. But their desire to bring the company back doesn’t include honoring the warranties of people who bought previous Coby products. TWICE explains:

The conditions of the sale were such that Gordon Brothers Group did not assume any of Coby Electronics’ outstanding liabilities or obligations that were part of its prior business. Additionally, Gordon Brothers Group did not purchase customer returns inventory and did not acquire or receive any cash or consideration related to money orders or shipping fees paid by customers related to the return of inventory to the former Coby Electronics.

…Gordon Brothers Group is unable to answer questions as we do not have contact information for anyone associated with the former Coby business.

So if you have a Coby device in need of repair, or have a warranty that would still be active, you’re pretty much on your own. The new owners are basically operating Coby as a wholly new brand, in effect, with some old inventory, despite a stated desire to revive the brand name. What’s worse: if you previously sent a Coby product in for warranty repair, the new owners have no way of retrieving it, so you’re sadly out of luck.

Via: [TWICE]

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