Comcast Creates Cord-Cutter “Internet Plus” Package with HBO

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Comcast Internet Plus

Comcast seems to be tempting a lot of cord cutting advocates to put their money where their mouth is. The company’s new “Internet Plus” package offers decent broadband connectivity bundled with your local channels, along with a small selection of basic cable ones (packages vary by region), HBO, and its  Streampix service — all for $40 or $50 a month (for the first year). Internet Plus will also include access to HBO GO. This promotional pricing is extremely competitive with regular internet service, and while Streampix is certainly no  Netflix, this very well may be the offer that even cord cutters cannot refuse. At least at first. After the first year, the price jumps to $60 or $70, depending on your market, and six months later it climbs to $70 or $80, although if you have any competing providers in your area, chances are good that Comcast will renegotiate that price hike.

I’m sure that Comcast will also be up-selling like mad to get that extra $20 or 30 a month out of people for more channels, and that there will be glaring omissions, much in the same way that Verizon leaves out Comedy Central and Syfy in its cheap “Sports Haters” package. When it comes to cable, I’m about as cheap as they come, and even I have to admit this Internet Plus package looks like a pretty good value. HBO alone runs $15 a month, and this may be the very first step toward agreements to bundle the channel with any broadband account. I can’t wait to see how the competition responds to Internet Plus. It may not quite be the à la carte cable access that many of us are looking for, but by offering such an economical (and selective) package, Comcast at least seems to be making a step in that general direction.

Via: [DSLReports]

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