Monitor Audio Introduces New Silver Series Speakers

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Monitor Audio Silver series loudspeakersIf you’re a science and tech geek like me, you probably think of silver as an incredibly malleable metal, prized for its beauty as much as its strength and utility. All of which makes it the perfect moniker for Monitor Audio’s latest speaker line — an evolution of its existing Silver RX family that drops the “RX” designation for nominal simplicity. The newly announced Silver series not only benefits from a sleeker name, but also a sleeker, less adorned aesthetic.

If you’re familiar with the existing Silver RX line, the first thing you probably notice about the new Silver speakers is their less ornate bass and midrange drivers. Gone are the phase plugs. In their place, the Silver series’ dimpled C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) cones consist of a continuous, uninterrupted dish, which benefit from greater strength and more radiating surface area, with reduced distortion and more dynamic range.

Not so obvious is the fact that the new Silver series speakers benefit from a redesigned one-inch C-CAM tweeter, which vents internally into a sizable rear-loading chamber for reduced resonance and superior damping. Monitor Audio promises more accurate frequency response from the new tweeter at the lower end of its frequency range, which makes for a smoother, more natural transition from tweeter to woofer, along with better high frequency extension and reduced break-up.

And all of that driver innovation is wrapped up in a gorgeous cabinet feature a range of wood veneer and high-gloss piano finishes, very reminiscent of their Silver RX predecessors. There are a few differences, though: in the transition from Silver RX to Silver, the Silver 8 has become a full three-way design, and the family has a new big brother: the Silver 10, a top-of-the-line floor standing tower with twin eight-inch bass drivers perfect for larger rooms.

MSRPs of the new models are as follows:

  • Silver 1: Wood Veneer: $875/pair; High Gloss: $975/pair.
  • Silver 2: Wood Veneer: $1,050/pair; High Gloss: $1,150/pair.
  • Silver 6: Wood Veneer: $1,500/pair; High Gloss: $1,650/pair.
  • Silver 8: Wood Veneer: $2,000/pair; High Gloss: $2,200/pair.
  • Silver 10: Wood Veneer: $2,500/pair; High Gloss: $2,800/pair.
  • Silver Center: Wood Veneer: $725; High Gloss: $800.
  • Silver FX: Wood Veneer: $875/pair; High Gloss: $950/pair.
  • Silver W-12 active subwoofer: Wood Veneer: $1,650; High Gloss: $1,850.

The new Silver series loudspeakers will be available in November, 2013, at authorized Monitor Audio dealers.

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