Breaking Down Comcast’s Internet Plus

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Comcast Internet PlusThe Consumerist has picked apart Comcast’s new Internet Plus package to get to the root of how good a deal (or not) it is. Designed for cord cutters, Internet Plus includes local channels, a smattering of non-sports basic cable channels, HBO, and 20mbps internet starting as low as $39.99 depending on your market, and climbing to as high as $80 per month after 18 months. So, how does that compare to the services on their own? The Consumerist says this:

Comcast’s 20Mpbs Internet service starts at $30/month but goes up to around $60 (depending on your area) after the promotional period. Just basic cable on its own will cost you $20/month from Comcast. The company’s least-expensive TV and Internet bundle (which includes many more channels than the Limited Basic) is $142/month. You’ll have to add another $10/month for HD service because it’s no longer 2002. And then you’d have to pay an additional $15-20 to get HBO and Streampix access. By the time you’re done, that monthly bill is close to $200.

Cable companies often claim that those who order the sports-free packages end up coming back into the fold in large numbers after a few months, but I figure that this is more because those sports-free packages cut out a lot more than sports. Internet Plus does include access to TLC, Discover, and Food Network, as well as of course HBO.

Here’s the thing, though: what you’re missing with this package is pretty substantial. There’s no DVR. Granted, you do get a lot of on-demand content (especially with HBO GO and Streampix), but that doesn’t make up for the lack of ability to pause and rewind live TV. Still, it’s hard to deny that Internet Plus amounts to substantial money savings, so if that’s what you’re after — or if you’re looking to get as close to standalone HBO GO access as you’re likely to get anytime soon — here’s your chance.

Via: [The Consumerist]

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