Audience Announces ClairAudient 1+1 Loudspeaker

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Audience's ClairAudient 1+1 loudspeakers

Audience’s ClairAudient 1+1 loudspeakers

A new loudspeaker from Audience has made its debut. The ClairAudient 1+1 is a bi-pole, front- and rear-radiating speaker.

Audience’s proprietary A3-S full-range drivers, placed both in front and in back, provide, in Audience’s view:

extremely flat frequency response from 50Hz to 22kHz (depending on room placement), eliminating the need for a separate woofer, midrange driver, tweeter, and crossover network. As a result the inherent problems of integrating multiple sonically dissimilar drivers and the accompanying phase distortions, loss of resolution and transient response degradation of a crossover network are completely avoided.

Finishing the package are two side-firing passive radiators in a crossover-less design.

It’s a looker, with “a high-gloss black multi-angled enclosure accented by rosewood sides.”

More wonky audiophile data from the official press release:

The 1+1 also utilizes Audience’s unique SSIT SweetSpace Imaging Technology that provides an expanded listening area rather than the usual single listener sweet spot.

The A3-S driver features a large patented neodymium-magnet motor structure and voice coil that moves with a highly linear excursion. It utilizes an exclusive rigid lightweight anodized aluminum-magnesium alloy cone material with a curvilinear shape. The driver’s concave dust cap is made of a proprietary material that is specially designed to control high-frequency cone breakup and provide optimum dispersion.

The patent-pending A3-S surround has a unique “S” shape that allows the driver to provide large excursions without impacting the movement of the cone, enabling the driver to behave more like an ideal pistonic (back and forth) radiator. The driver’s patent-pending basket (frame) provides rigid support and eliminates sonically degrading resonances. Other refinements include large pole-piece vents for efficient heat dissipation, a spider (the circular piece that holds the driver’s voice coil in place) that allows unrestricted cone movement and many additional enhancements.

The loudspeaker is built using the highest-quality components including the company’s custom-made mono crystal Auric internal wiring.

Designed, engineered and handcrafted in the United States, the Audience ClairAudient 1+1 goes for $1,800 per pair.

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