BlueFlame Sports Sleeve Keeps You Connected During Workouts

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BlueFlame The Sports Sleeve bicepI’m not exactly what you would call a fitness nut, but with 75 pounds’ worth of pit bull to keep docile and a family history of heart disease haunting me, I do pound three miles’ worth of pavement just about every day. And like most of you who jog or walk (or jalk, in my case), I’m sure — especially if you have 75 pounds’ worth of pibble — I have trouble interacting with my phone without stopping my workout completely. And in my job, I can’t be far from my phone during the day. All of which makes BlueFlame’s new Sports Sleeve über-appealing to me right now.

The Sports Sleeve follows in the wake of similar forearm- or bicep-mounted phone or media player cases, but what makes this one different — at least as far as I’ve shopped — is its breathable mesh pocket design. Whether you opt for the Forearm or Bicep model, the Sports Sleeve is made of comfortable, compression spandex that’s designed for a snug fit, sweat BlueFlame The Sports Sleeve forearmresistance, and machine washability. What’s extra neat is that your phone or media player of choice is housed in a mesh pocket that not only keeps it safe and secure (and tightly bound to your arm), but also allows for unimpeded touch control through the mesh material. So you’re not stuck with a hard and bulky cell phone case strapped to your arm. Bonus points.

Also, since your portable device is held in a flexible pocket instead of a form-fitting case, it will also easily accommodate Samsung Galaxy smartphones, iPhones, early iPod models, “and more,” sayeth the press release, with headphone jack access on both sides. The Sports Sleeve is also available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large sizes, in your choice of blue, black, or purple. You can snag both the Sports Sleeve Forearm and Bicep model soon at or now at your local Kohl’s department store.

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