Don’t Hold Your Breath for That Rumored Amazon “Kindle TV” Media Streamer

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Amazon Instant Video on Kindle, PC, TV, gaming consolesRemember the rumored “Kindle TV” media box we first told you about earlier this year? Despite the fact that Amazon still hasn’t officially acknowledged its existence, word around the home tech campfire is that the company wanted to release its own Apple TV/Roku competitor in time for the 2013 holiday buying frenzy. But according to a report at The Verge, the new set top box won’t be ready for prime time until next year.

Amazon has some lofty goals for its own media streamer, which is reportedly built on much the same architecture as its Kindle Fire tablets. Reportedly, what sets it apart is the ability for third parties to develop and release apps.

So why the delay? All Things D offers two rumored reasons: lackluster performance, or possibly the fact that Amazon higher-ups just don’t think it stands apart from the competition enough. (Incidentally, All Things D posits a potential spring release for the Kindle TV, or whatever it ends up being called.)

Of course, at this point it’s all as speculative as anything we might be able to say about Apple’s long-rumored (and long-delayed) iTV, or whatever the heck that thing ends up being called. But if you were holding out hope for an Amazon-branded media streamer this Christmas, your hopes have been dashed.

Speaking of media streamers, though, I just discovered an interesting thing yesterday. I’ve been on the fence for a while now about buying a Roku Stick, mostly because I want to add (O, irony) Amazon’s Instant Video service to my OPPO BDP-103 Blu-ray player, but I wasn’t sure if the price was worth it. I was literally seconds away from pulling the trigger, though, when I decided to do a little Googling for a better deal, and discovered that existing OPPO BDP-103 and -105 customers can get a wicked discount on the Roku Streaming Stick directly from OPPO. If you already own one of said players, you can plug in your serial number at OPPO’s website and snag a Stick for a sweet $49.99. What a bargain!

It doesn’t come with a Roku remote, granted, but the remote for your OPPO (or, in my case, my Control4 SR-250 remote) will work just fine.

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