Comcast Snubs Netflix Again

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Comcast Says No NetflixAt a time when Comcast is losing subscribers at an ever-increasing rate — Home Media Magazine is reporting that the company lost 348,000 video subscribers in the first three quarters of 2013, 18,000 more than it lost during the same period last year — you’d think the company would be a little more humble about embracing the future of video distribution. Netflix announced last month that it was looking to form complementary partnerships with the big cable providers, offering its streaming service as an app accessible directly from newer set top boxes and DVRs. And Comcast was reportedly at the top of its list of potential providers.

It’s a move that would make sense for both parties. The more people who have easy access to Netflix on their TV screens, the more its numbers rise. And Comcast is still the biggest cable provider in the Colonies. On the flip side, for those Comcast customers who don’t have a gaming machine or media streamer, that big Netflix icon right on the programming guide might be incentive to keep that old DVR around for a little while longer. After all, Comcast may be the king of its own mountain, but the mountain is eroding, and it has 10 million fewer video subscribers than Netflix does at this point. I’m not saying a Netflix partnership would help Comcast bring video subscribers back, but it could certainly help stop the hemorrhaging.

But apparently Comcast loves to bleed. During the same call in which those losses were reported, CEO of cable operations Neil Smit said, “It’s not really a high priority for us. We have nothing to report on the Netflix front.” Incidentally, this isn’t the first time in recent history that Comcast has turned its nose up at Netflix.

Meanwhile, Comcast isn’t the only cable company reporting continued losses. Home Media Magazine also reports that second-place Time Warner Cable lost 306,000 cable subscribers in the third quarter of the year alone, and unlike Comcast — who added 300,000 broadband customers year to date — TWC lost 24,000 broadband and 128,000 phone subscriptions in Q3.

I’m guessing Time Warner Cable might be a little more open to Netflix’s olive branch.

Via: [Home Media Magazine]

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