PRIMA Cinema is Coming to IMAX Private Theatres

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PRIMA Cinema is Coming to IMAX Private TheatresBack in September, we brought you the news that Mozaex servers were being positioned as the main media backbone in IMAX Private Theatre installations. This week, word comes from Electronic House that those won’t be the only servers gracing the spectacular $2 million home cinemas. IMAX has acquired a stake in PRIMA Cinema, and the new partnership means that you’ll be able to rent first-run theatrical movie releases in your home for $500 or $600 a pop, depending on whether you opt for 2D or 3D.

If you’re not familiar with PRIMA Cinema, Jeff did a quick rundown a few weeks back, but here are the basics: for $35,000, you get a server and a membership agreement (assuming your home cinema meets the minimum specs, which you can rest assured that IMAX Private Theatres do), and once you set up a static IP address with your local ISP, you can download movies the day they hit cinemas with a scan of your fingerprint and watch them once within twenty-four hours. (No rewinding or fast-forwarding, although you can pause.)

According to the press release, IMAX will also have a monopoly on the PRIMA Cinema market in China for the next five years, and will maintain a seat on PRIMA Cinema’s board of directors.

One thing I’m curious about: PRIMA Cinema’s agreement requires that you have no more than twenty-five seats in your home cinema. I guess it remains to be seen whether this applies to IMAX Private Theatres (although I’m not certain if the IMAX program even builds theaters that large or larger).

The other thing we don’t know for certain yet is whether PRIMA Cinema will be an add-on option, or whether it will be included in the $2 million price tag. Wording in the press release makes it sounds like it’s part of the standard package now:

IMAX plans to integrate the PRIMA Cinema technology into the IMAX® Private Theatre and other potential platforms, enhancing the image and sound of the content through its digital re-mastering (IMAX DMR®) process, which enables IMAX customers to access current theatrical releases of the highest possible quality.

Via: [Electronic House]

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