Viper Introduces Home Security System

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Viper Home wireless home monitoring and security systemLet’s play a word association game. I say “Viper Alarm” and you say…

Probably something like, “Squee-squee-squee-squee-Pew-pew-pew-pew-Weeoo-weeoo-weeoo-weeoo-WooooooOOP-wooooooOOP-Ack-ack-ack-ack-Doo-DEE-doo-DEE-doo-DEE-doo-DEE,” right? Viper is certainly one of the most recognizable names (and sounds) in the car alarm market. But according to CNET, you may be seeing the name soon on a home near you.

Un-clench your buttocks. There’s no indication that Viper will be bringing its sound library to the home security market, but the company has introduced its new Viper Home starter package, a DIY home security bundle available now at Best Buy for $229. The basic kit includes a WiFi-equipped security hub, indoor motion detector, and one door/window sensor. You can also add a camera for $149, and indoor siren for $49, additional motion detectors for $49, and extra door/window sensors for $24 apiece. The system is capable of handling up to 64 security devices in total, and you can keep tabs on the system via the free iOS and Android apps, although you’ll have to add a $9.99 monthly subscription to view your cameras remotely.

Viper Home will also work with an optional Z-Wave bridge to add some light home automation capabilities to your system, and installation reportedly takes as little as fifteen minutes. And if you have a Viper car alarm, as well, you can connect your home and auto via Viper SmartStart.

Now, if Viper would only update its deliciously retro-tastic, hallucinatory, CGI-animated commercials to add a home security element (more snakes in more places!), my life would be complete.

Via: [CNET — Secure your house with Viper Home]

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  • Brittney

    I have never heard of a DIY home security starter kit. This is great for people who want to do things for themselves. I can’t do it, but I wish I could.