Korus Delivers Premium Wireless Speaker Bundle to Stores for Christmas

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korus all-in-one suiteStreaming audio wirelessly from your phone or computer to your entertainment system seems simple on the face of it, but given the requirements for network setups or Bluetooth pairing, it can be a little more than some people want to fuss with. And if you opt for Bluetooth, there’s the question of whether the transmitter in your player and receiver attached to your speakers support the same codecs. Even then, audio quality might not be the tops. So if you’re struggling with existing streaming audio solutions, you might be happy to know that there’s an alternative. Korus announced this week that its All-in-One Suite wireless speaker bundle is headed for the shelves of your local Magnolia Home Theater just in time for the holidays, and to celebrate the launch the company is having a sale.

For now, you can get the Korus All-in-One Suite including the includes a wireless Korus V600 speaker along with USB, 30 pin, and Lightning Baton wireless audio transmitters, for $449.99, a savings of $140 over buying all of the bits individually (the V600 runs $399.99 on its own, with each of the transmitters normally selling for $49.99 individually). If the V600 is a little too much speaker for you, you can also snag a V400 All-in-One Suite for $349.99, which also represents $140 savings.

As you may have guessed from the preceding text, unlike AirPlay or Bluetooth, the Korus speakers rely on a wireless audio technology called SKAA, which requires that you plug a little transmitter into the charging plug of your favorite iOS device or computer. Once you do, it transmits the audio output of your device directly to the receiver in the speaker, with zero lag, perfect synchronization, and apparently pretty amazing sound quality. And if your friends want to share music via your system, it’s as simple as unplugging your transmitter and plugging it into their phone; no setup process, no long delays — you don’t even have to be on the same network.

For now, Korus only supports iDevices and computers, but the company promises that an Android solution is on its way in the early part of next year. No word on whether or not this deal will extend to Android devices at that time, though.

But if you have an iOS  device (or computer) now and are looking for a simpler, higher-quality streaming solution, bop over to your nearest Magnolia location and give the V600 or V400 a listen.

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