Kaleidescape Gives Away 50 Free Movies to New Cinema One Buyers

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Kaeleidescape Cinema one

Kaleidescape made big waves earlier this year when it introduced its $3,995 Cinema One system, which boasts all of the DVD ripping and movie server capabilities of its much more expensive predecessors in a much more affordable package, along with a new Kaleidescape store that gives customers access to fully Blu-ray sized, Blu-ray quality digital movie downloads, along with UltraViolet digital downloads. Now, just in time for the holidays, Kaleidescape is sweetening the pot even more by offering new customers 50 free downloads from the Kaleidscape store.

From the press release:

Cinema One allows families to enjoy the ultimate home theater experience without the expense of custom installations. With 50 free movies from the Kaleidescape Store, families can stay in, cozy up, and craft their own theater-like experience this season from the comfort of their living room, skipping the holiday lines and traffic. Parents will be able to share their favorite holiday classics with their children like never before, creating new fans and memories alike.

Offering an approximate $1000 of movies with your purchase is pretty cool, and if you decide Kaleidescape is for you, you can store up to 600 DVD movies of your own directly on the drive, or stream from your UltraViolet library easier than ever before. Ripping your movie is as simple as inserting the disc, pushing the button and walking away. 50 free Blu-ray quality movies is quite the treat, so if you’re lucky enough to wake up to a Cinema One (and a whole bunch of new flicks) this Christmas, you’ve obviously been very good this year (or very naughty — rawr!).

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