Mounting Your TV? Don’t Mount It Too High!

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We recently spoke with Betsey Banker of OmniMount about where you should place your TV mount. Betsey advises: Not too high!

The first thing someone said to me when I mounted my TV was, “It’s mounted so low.” That person might have been right, but it wasn’t done accidentally. Mounting your TV at the right height can reduce eye and neck strain—an important factor when you’re relaxing!

Probably not the best place you mount your TV unless you stand in front of the fireplace while watching TV.

Probably not the best place you mount your TV unless you stand in front of the fireplace while watching TV.

The general rule of thumb is to have the center of the screen at about eye level. Since most people position their TVs in front of the couch, the location should be determined by the sitting eye level.

But how do you prevent comments like the one I received about it being mounted “so low”?

Take this tip from Jackson’s Gallery, a custom frame shop and art gallery. They’re referring to art, but I think it applies to mounting TVs, too. According to Jackson’s, you need to take into account the space in which your art—or, in this case, TV—is hanging.

If you’re in a room where people are mostly sitting, such as a dining room or home theater, you’ll want to have the artwork lower than you’ll want it in an entryway or hallway, where people are primarily standing.

Careful placement of furniture and artwork make the TV a much more cohesive part of the room, all while improving viewing comfort.

What if you do a lot of both sitting and standing in your family room? That was my issue. My kitchen opens up to the family room and I spend a lot of time cooking. I didn’t want to compromise on the TV height when I was sitting, but also wanted flexibility to comfortably view the screen from wherever I was around the room. Because I conveniently work for a mount manufacturer, I chose the OmniMount ActionMount PLAY70, which can be moved up and down, with full pan.

When I’m cooking, I lift and angle it towards the kitchen. When I’m relaxing, I lower it towards the couch for the right viewing angle. And I can lower it even further when I’m sitting on the floor, so I never have to crane my neck to see the screen.

If you’re thinking outside the traditional couch/TV triangle, consider this. First, decide how you’ll be using it, then decide on the mounting height, and finally, make minor adjustments to the other elements of the room to complement the TV’s location.

Your neck and body will thank you!

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