DirecTV Will Be Ready for “Complex” 4K Rollout

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DirecTV 4KDirecTV is going to be ready to roll out 4K when the market is ready to have it rolled out, but that doesn’t mean that the company is rushing headlong into Ultra HD broadcasting anytime soon, according to a new story at Multichannel News. When 3D launched four years ago, a lot of networks, including DirecTV, plunged headlong into it, developing dedicated channels and dropping millions of dollars on programming. This didn’t pan out so well, as a lot of viewers weren’t bullish on wearing the glasses while they cheered on their favorite team. So it’s natural that DirecTV is being a bit cautious when it comes to jumping into the newest display trend.

From the story at Multichannel News:

A “very complex rollout” would be needed for  4K, [DirecTV chairman and CEO Mike ] White said on DirecTV’s third quarter earnings call on Tuesday, describing his discussion with content players and distributors that will be trying to figure out how many resources to apply toward 4K strategies, and when, after some got “burnt” on 3D.

“After the experience with 3D, I think there’s a level of – I don’t want to say cautiousness  – but protect your options, because it’s a very complex rollout that would be required,” he said, pointing out the need for a new TV, set-top, and advanced compression technologies.

Many are more optimistic when it comes to Ultra HD than they were for 3D, since it doesn’t require the end-user to change their habits in the slightest (except maybe for sitting a lot closer to the screen). But of course, the old chicken and the egg problem applies now just as it did with the launch of HD. People won’t buy 4K televisions unless there is 4K content to watch.

4K televisions are already shrinking in price, though, and it could be that by this time next year, they’ll be in the range of a high-end 1080p television, which should enable them to finally get into a large number of homes. While 4K Blu-ray is probably at least 3 to 4 years away, if it ever comes, there’s going to be plenty of content to purchase and download to tide you over, and the more people do that, the more likely it is that companies like Comcast and DirecTV will greenlight dedicated channels.

Via: [Multichannel News]

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