Hobbit Extended Edition Scarce at Retail

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Hobbit Extended EditionIf you were planning on blowing some of your hard earned paycheck tonight on the new Extended Edition of The Hobbit, then you might be in for a bit of disappointment. The minions of Sauron somehow have spirited all the copies off of most retailer shelves.

Reports on The One Ring explain:

Fans report that the Extended Edition is unavailable at Target in all forms, difficult to find at Best Buy and Barnes & Noble (where you might grab a Blu-ray copy, but are unlikely to find the DVD), and that Amazon is temporarily out of stock of the DVD and shipments are being delayed by one to three days.

So what’s going on here? The One Ring guys have their own speculations, but we’re hearing that the Australian and New Zealand releases may have been delayed by two weeks, which might mean that there was a last-minute production change that caused a manufacturing delay  The one bright spot, for those who don’t care about extras, is that apparently Wal-Mart’s stripped down version — which contains nowhere near the amount of bonus goodies — is plentifully in stock. You can check out the anecdotes from TORN’s readers at the source link, but I suggest that before trekking out to ye olde shopping mall, that you call first to make sure there’s something to buy. If all you want is the 3D version of the movie and the extras, Best Buy’s uninspiring Steelbook is your answer, but keep in mind that like Oz The Great and Powerful, there’s no 2D disc to speak of (I’m sure that will go over well).

TORn staffer Justin, who’s had long experience in the DVD business, further speculates that production issues may have prevented the discs from hitting the presses in a timely manner.

You can be sure that boxes of discs are either flying off some production lines, or are already on the trucks, as Amazon appeares to have recently restocked,  so hopefully you can score a copy there:

Amazon Image Amazon Image Amazon Image

Via: [The One Ring]

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