Revolv Home Automation System Begins Shipping

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Revolv box and appIf you’ve dabbled in DIY home automation, you may have amassed quite a collection of lights from the Phillips Hue, locks from Yale, maybe an Insteon thermostat or two. And with all this technology comes a thousand different apps and settings to keep track of, none of which  speak the same language. Revolv seeks to change that with a new home automation hub that brings your entire squabbling family  of DIY automation devices under one umbrella, and adds some tricks of its own. And for those who pre-ordered the Revolv, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s now shipping.

Boasting seven different radios that speak a total of ten different languages, Revolv is looking to be the universal DIY automation unifier. It also seeks to simplify the operation of your wireless devices using what Revolv calls  Geosense Proximity Automation: when you leave work, the heat automatically comes on to start warming the house up. As you get closer, the coffee pot starts brewing and your favorite tunes cranking, and finally, as you pull in the driveway, the lights come on and the garage door opens, all without your touching a button.

Thanks to automatic firmware updates, the device also promises to get smarter all the time; the company promises to add support for hundreds of devices in the company months, and eventually cover “95% of commercially available devices, making it the most universal solution on the market.”

Home automation for the average DIYer has been a pretty piecemeal to this point, and the plethora of competing standards probably hasn’t helped a lot when it comes to getting people to buy a lot of disparate devices. Revolv can be part of bringing that picture into tighter focus. Once everything plays nicely together, and you don’t have to worry about turning the lights down starting the toaster, or remembering which app you use to program the oven to bake supper tomorrow, life gets a lot simpler, and people are much more willing to take a risk. We’ll see how Revolv goes, but if the concept sounds groovy to you, you can order from their website or

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