Black Friday Madness Begins With Best Buy

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Best Buy Black Friday 2013It’s that time of year again, time to prepare for the upcoming winter solstice, time for family, and nog, and cookies, and way overeating. That food comas may become an issue, as Black Friday has become Black Thursday, due to virtually every major retailer opening their doors at 6PM on Thanksgiving this year. Usually Best Buy is one of the biggest stops for home technology enthusiasts, so we’re kicking off our coverage with its ad. Keep in mind these aren’t all the deals, as Best Buy will be having a secondary sale starting at midnight, the details of which won’t be revealed until midnight of the actual Black Friday.

Please note that the ad does not list model numbers, probably to discourage pricematching.

Some of the highlights include:

Samsung Home Appliances: A bundle of a refrigerator, microwave, stove, and dishwasher for $2099 — an almost $1800 savings. Perfect if you’re remodeling the kitchen.

For the bargain hunter, a Sharp 42″ LED backed 1080p 120hz LCD TV for $299, a 50-inch for $399, or a Samsung 46 inch for $477.

For the high end, Samsung 3D 240hz Smart TVs are in abundance, and all come with four pairs of glasses: 65 inches for $1997, 60 for $1597, and 55 for $1297.

A Samsung 3D-enabled Blu-ray Player for $87.99, or an LG Wi-Fi player for $54.99.

A 875 watt Denon 5.1 AV Receiver for $274.

Your choice of close to 100 catalog titles on BLu-ray, like X-Men First Class, Fight Club, Red, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and more, for next to nothing.

If you prefer more recent titles, Pacific Rim, Star Trek Into Darkness, World War Z, Taken 2, or The Hunger Games are on offer for $7.99, along with another 150 titles.

I expect that, per tradition, employees will leak a final list of the stuff in the mystery box before the big day, so keep watching the site. We’ll post that information when and if it becomes available. Black Friday shopping is not just shopping: it’s a competition and adventure rolled into one. It’s a test of endurance, and now with food comas and early morning hours being more of a factor, the war might be harder to fight than ever. Plan accordingly, and watch out for those midnight sales. I expect they’ll have some major deals in them you won’t want to miss, turning Black Friday into a loop around town, as the deals rise and wane like the tides.

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