Shower Tunes Lets You Shower with Your Tablet or Phone

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Shower TunesOne of the talking points surrounding the FAA’s new stance of allowing the use of personal electronic devices during all phases of flights is the the separation anxiety a lot of people experience when they can’t use their phones or tablets for even a few minutes. But seriously, is it that hard to put down the phone or tablet during a shower? If it is for you, you’re gonna love this. Shower Tunes is a new shower curtain that not only protects your gear in the while you’re soaping up, but keeps your tablet or smartphone useable, and cranks out tunes through its own built-in speakers.

A protective conductive pouch allows you to keep your gadget safe from the H2-No, while still allowing you to use it just as if it were as naked as you are. Built-in speakers in the curtain allow you to hear and enjoy music, movies, or whatever other audio goodies are coming from your device.

From the early days of shower radios, to fog-free mirrors, and the miracles of today’s multicolored LED nagging showerheads, man has yearned to make the time spent under the comforting spray a more entertaining one. Personally, I think I take comfort in knowing that I can’t be reached in the shower, but if you fret over the possibility of a missed call while you’re washing your hair, this may be just the ticket to balancing your love of hot water with your responsibilities.

Shower Tunes is available now at Amazon, where several user reviews point out that the built in speakers aren’t exactly what you’d call audiophile quality. Of course, there’s nothing to say that you have to use the built-in speakers. Combine Shower Tunes with a waterproof wireless speaker like the Sound pOp, and you’ll be able to enjoy all of the touch access and waterproofing while bringing your own sound solution to the party.

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