BlueFlame’s “The Conductor” Takes Charge of Your iPhone Charging

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BlueFlame The ConductorYou know what I love most about the guys and gals at BlueFlame? They keep coming up with cool solutions to problems I didn’t really realize I had. The latest innovation from the company is called, quite simply, The Conductor. And as you probably guessed from a quick glance at the picture at right, it removes the cable from the iPhone 5/5S charging equation.

The Conductor consists of two easy pieces: a sleek charging case for your iPhone 5 or 5S (sorry, no 5C support) with a built-in Lightning connector and little speaker openings that redirect the speakers’ output forward, along with a wall plate that plugs into and covers your mains outlet. The connection between case and wall plate is magnetic, so just put your encased phone in the vicinity of the wall plate and it sticks (and charges) like magic.

Being the good science geek that I am, I do have to take issue with BlueFlame’s description of The Conductor as “gravity defying.” No laws of nature are violated in the process. The strong magnet in The Conductor’s case and wall plate simply overwhelm, not defy, the relatively puny gravitational force with the much stronger electromagnetic force. But let’s not pick nits, shall we? It’s still wicked cool.

So cool, in fact, that the CES Innovations committee have named The Conductor a 2014 Design and Engineering honoree.

The Conductor is available now at Douglas Stewart College Bookstores, and should be available for order soon at for $99.99.

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