In a Tight Spot? JVC Has Just the TV for You

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JVC AmTRAN EM28T 28 inch D-LED TVWhether you’re moving into a tiny dorm room, looking for a good gaming display for the kids’ room, or just need a compact screen for the kitchen or sewing room, let’s face it: there aren’t a lot of great TVs out there in the 28-inch range. And while I haven’t actually laid eyes on JVC’s new 28″ Class EM28T HD 720p D-LED HDTV — and cannot, therefore, confirm for you that it’s actually great — a quick glance at its specs certainly leads one to believe that it’s a solid option for the coin.

Designed to provide “a high-value, high-performance HDTV offering ideal for space-conscious environments and near-field gaming systems,” the JVC EM28T benefits from direct (not edge-lit) LED back lighting, which should result in a nicely uniform image with no egregious hot spotting. It also features an Interactive Setup Guide to make installation and basic calibration quick and intuitive, along with a few features you might not necessarily expect at this price point, including HDMI Audio Return Channel, CEC, and input port naming capabilities. Speaking of input, it has them aplenty, including a USB media port for pictures, music, and personal video viewing; an antenna input; component and composite video inputs; a VGA port; and a music port, the latter of which can be used with JVC’s Audio Only mode to cut down on energy consumption. The EM28T isn’t a power hog even with the picture on, though; it earned full Energy Star 6.0 certification, and includes an auto power off function if left idle for too long.

As with the other models in the JVC Emerald Series lineup (including its big brother the EM32T) the EM28T also sports Dolby Digital decoding, as well as 5.1 passthrough capabilities via optical or HDMI-ARC. From the press release:

“The EM28T fills an undeniable void in today’s television market ,” said Drew Pragliola, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at AmTran Video Corp. “For areas that cannot accommodate large screen television, the EM28T is the perfect fit. There simply aren’t any 28-inch displays currently available to consumers that match the performance and value of JVC’s Emerald Series offerings.”

The JVC EM28T is available now at a suggested retail price of $189.99.

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  • Sherman F Dickson

    We purchased this unit from Sams Club this afternoon and are taking it back tomorrow. The picture is just find if you are standing DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE TELEVISION but move the tiniest bit in any direction and the picture becomes grainy and the color almost non existent. Needless to say, this TV is going back tomorrow…