Ninja Sphere Knows When You’re Awake

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Ninja SphereNinja Blocks came out last year as a way to track all of your transmitting devices, be it Bluetooth, WiFi, or other major protocols throughout your house. By creating a map, and tracking the patterns of your movements and activities, and tying them to a fully customizable and programmable interface, the Ninja Blocks are able to find deviations in activity, and through custom algorithms make adjustments to your HVAC or lighting accordingly. Now, a new Kickstarter has been started to create the next generation, the Ninja Sphere.

By establishing these patterns, the device can detect things you might not know you need. For example, if it detects you’ve left the house, but the toaster oven is on, assuming it’s connected to the system, it can send you a message asking for action, or simply do it itself. Your pets can have Bluetooth transmitters in their collars, and that way when they use the pet door they can have lights turned on and off for them so they aren’t home in the dark (and you’re not wasting power by leaving lights on when they’re not needed).

The new Ninja Sphere adds all kinds of features, giving you an easily accessible hub for the established system. The Sphere contains an LCD screen for easy monitoring of connected components, and a gesture control system to adjust lighting or temperature with a wave of your hand.

If you want to get in on this new KickStarter project, there’s a lot of buy-in points. But the lowest buy-in right now is $249 to actually get a unit. This includes:

You’ll receive Ninja Sphere, a Spheramid gateway, 2 waypoints and a smart power socket. Perfect for apartments and small homes with 1 level and up to 2 bedrooms. You’ll also receive a Ninja Sphere T-Shirt and sticker.Estimated delivery: Jun 2014

So if you have a Ninja Blocks system and want to untap new potential, or think you want to get in on the game, click the source link below.

Via: [KickStarter]

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