Harmony Remotes Compatible with Xbox One

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harmonyclickControl and communications on Xbox One has been a bit odd thus far. First the powers that be thought people would just want to chat via their Kinects instead of using a headset (most people I know will mute anyone using Kinect for voice chat), and now it seems that Microsoft figured Kinect’s voice and gesture controls would entirely take the place of the clicker in the living room. While it’s true that it is better than a remote for many functions, channel surfing and volume control are not areas where it excels. Logitech’s was on the ball from the beginning, though, according to the Logitech Blog:

Hear that? It’s the sound of gamers rejoicing all over the globe as Microsoft’s Xbox One lands in stores and in hands today. Much anticipated by the gamers all over the world, this next-gen game console features very adaptable and advanced AI, as well as top-of-the-line multiplayer support.

Now onto what you’re really wondering…is this compatible with my Harmony remote? YES! We’ve worked hard with Microsoft to make sure your Harmony remote would be compatible on day one. is now updated to provide support for this new console, so you can control Xbox One and other home entertainment devices with your current Harmony remote. That’s what we call ultimate convenience.

You can add your Xbox One to your Harmony compatibility list on the Harmony website. Interestingly enough, my own attempts to get the Xbox 360 media remote to function with Xbox One have come up empty, so as it stands the Harmony seems to be the only mass market universal remote control that currently functions with the Xbox One.

Via: [Logitech Blog]

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