Comcast Bill Now Includes Broadcast Channel Fee

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Comcast BillComcast certainly seems to be on a quest to unseat EA as the “worst company in the world,” especially when you consider the latest fee tacked onto their customers’ bills. Starting in 2014, Comcast is charging $1.50 a month as a hidden (in plain sight) fee for broadcast channels, which is probably well above what they’re laying out in licensing fees to their providers. The worst part is that by including it as a fee, not as part of the bill itself, Comcast is able to hide that add-on cost when advertising cable packages.

Of course, Comcast isn’t alone in tacking on some new fees. Both AT&T and Charter have already instituted similar charges. Honestly, the whole thing is starting to feel like the guys on eBbay who will charge you $0.99 for a DVD with a $14.95 shipping and handling charge, and it’s high time that regulators make sure that the price the consumer is given is the final price, all inclusive in the advertising. In England, Japan, and many other countries, all prices include the tax, and it makes things really easy to keep track of. On the upside, maybe a bunch of people will also finally discover what that big spindly metal thing gathering dust in the attic is.

Via: [DSLReports]

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