Monoprice Gives Big Thanks with Big Coupon

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Monoprice ThanksgivingHow much does it suck to score that sweet sweet Black Friday home tech loot and think to yourself, “Crap, I’m out of Ethernet/HDMI cables/ports/switches”? Because, let’s face it, most times the interconnects included with the loot you buy are too short or too junky. But fear not, because Monoprice has got your covered with a swanky $15 off of $50 coupon valid Thanksgiving Day only.

I know several of us here at HomeTechTell have recently run into the dilema of lack of Ethernet ports in our racks. Throw two game systems, a Windows Media Extender, Blu-ray player, satellite box, and everything else that goes into making a great home theater system can run a router out of free ports fast, and the best way to add more ports is by getting a new switch, and Monoprice’s are affordable and give good performance. I know that most people will tell you to buy the shortest cables possible, but I prefer to get the next size up and then use cable ties and wraps to keep things orderly (and Monoprice has them all for pennies on what you’d pay Best Buy), because you always end up needing about two extra inches down. Of course, my attempts at a neat and orderly wire run is always for naught, as my cables always seem to tangle up despite my best efforts. I assume it has something to do with the constant disappearance of my socks as well, but that will be a project for another day. For now I’ll just blame the cats.

At any rate, if you need some extra interconnects, a new network switch, or even an affordable speaker system, hit up Monoprice today and enter  the code THANKS15 at checkout.

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