StreamTV Ultra-D ‘Glasses Free’ 3D On Display At NewEgg

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StreamTV DinosSure, we’ve been hearing about glasses-free 3D since the whole 3D television thing became a reality four years ago. The majors have shown various sets, improving over the years, but that typically required you to stand on locked-down footprints in order for it work. Over the last few years, StreamTV has been developing their own system for glasses-free stereoscopy, and their new 4K effort is on display this week at NewEgg’s brand new  retail facility in LA for the public to see for themselves.

I first saw Toshiba’s effort, one of the few models to actually make it onto a store shelf, at a Tokyo electronics store a few years ago, and it was…not good to say the least. So when I checked out StreamTV’s initial offerings last year, I was incredibly skeptical. When I was actually eyes-on with the tech, there’s definitely something here. The most interesting part is that their 3D conversion technology doesn’t just make it pop, but actually tries to guess what’s “around the corner” of an object.  You can actually slightly change perspective, something no other 3D system can do. If you’re in the LA area,  make it a point to check it out.  If the higher resolution and additional development time that 4K has given StreamTV allows them to solve that last 10-15% of the puzzle, they really may be onto something.

You can experience StreamTV’s new displays at the NewEgg Store/Will-Call Center at 18045 Rowland St., City Of Industry, CA 91748.

Contact Information: [StreamTVNetworks]

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