LG Adopts AllJoyn Open Protocol

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AllJoyn_4The problem with mobile platforms is that manufacturers tend to use differing technology to get you connected. There’s at least four different operating systems out there, with Apple and Google doing their own thing via AirPlay and Chromecast, respectively. But what if  you simply bypass the OS with a universal standard that’s software- not hardware-dependent? LG thinks Qualcomm’s AllJoyn is that answer.

Here is how it works, according to LG:

AllJoyn is an open source project which provides a universal software framework and core set of system services that enable interoperability among connected products and software applications across manufacturers to create dynamic proximal networks.  Manufactures can offer interoperable products and services that will engage and delight users in new, exciting and useful ways. The range of consumer products AllJoyn can enable is only limited by the imaginations of innovative companies – from the mobile devices consumers always have with them, to the appliances and media equipment in their homes, to the electronics in their cars and the office equipment in their workplaces.

What does that mean? Basically that they are giving all the flexibility to connect devices without the lockdown to a particular hardware or software set. For LG, who is big into the Smart TV market, this means any smartphone or tablet–regardless of whether it is iOS or Android or whatever–will be able to act like a system remote. All 2014 LG Smart TVs will included AllJoyn technology. It means you will be able to converge devices from many different manufacturers under one digital roof for home automation and control. We think this is a great idea, and having a powerful player like LG sign on should cause others to sit up and take notice, and maybe, just maybe, the mobile makers will do so as well. LG will likely be showing these new devices at CES in January, so stay tuned for all the details then.

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