USB 3.1 Is A Whole New Ballgame

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USB 3.1 logoSince the mid-90s, USB has become so ubiquitous that the ports are built into new  outlets for charging phones and other low-power devices. Nearly everything plugs into this versatile connecter, from printers to drink warmers, and nothing has changed in close to 20 years. But all of that is about to change with USB 3.1.

The new USB 3.1 standard will be similar in size to the existing Micro USB plugs you find in many cell phones, be reverseable like Apple’s Lightning connector, and contain plenty of headroom for future iterations of USB.

Of course, what would be a new USB without a bump in performance? The new standard is going to allow transfer rates up to 10Gbps, way more than your average hard drive is even capable of handling. But all that snazz does come with a downside. The new connectors will require adapters to work with older equipment, though they shouldn’t be expensive as the hardware fully supports existing USB standards. The new connector is expected to be finalized by summer, with new USB 3.1 devices appearing in 2015.


Further Infomation: [USB3.1 Connector Announcement]

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