Nest Protect Smoke Detector Exposed

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nestprotectImage- iFixit

When gearheads are kids, we invariably discover the screwdriver, and that various pieces of gear around the house have screws. We also discover that,  when undone, the fascinating guts are exposed for inquiring  eyes. From these experiences, some of us actually learn how things work, and how to fix them. iFixit caters to this child inside, and now they’ve taken apart Nest’s hot new Protect smoke  and carbon monoxide detector

After taking over the thermostat market, Nest is expanding their lineup of connected devices to other home essentials. Once its shell is cracked, inside we find some innovative solutions to age-old problems, and of course, plenty of connectivity to your other devices. A photoelectric device, the Nest’s smoke segment is setup like this:

The sensor is comprised of an infrared LED and a photodiode (light detector), angled in such a way that they’re not in direct line of sight with each other.

As smoke enters the baffled chamber above the sensor, infrared light from the LED is scattered and reflected down into the photodiode, triggering the alarm. This sort of arrangement is standard practice for smoke detectors.

Other features include a carbon monoxide detector, a CO2 detector, and a motion sensor. Why the motion sensor? So that you don’t have to get a chair to shut the bloody thing up when it goes off when someone’s toast burned; you can literally wave it off. The Nest Protect knows where it is. So instead of emitting a piercing wail, it will tell you—loudly—where and what the danger is in the house. All this information is ported to your smartphone as well, so you can know what’s going on at any moment. From your smartphone you can also check things like battery life and current conditions. Pretty sharp. The Nest Protect is available now at retailers like

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