Danger Alert: Don’t Let the TV Fall on Your Kid!

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Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 8.05Did you know that every three weeks a child is killed from a free-falling TV? I know, news like this is no way to start your day. But Sanus is doing something about it by spreading the word and donating $25,000 from TV wall mount proceeds this holiday season to–an organization dedicated to preventing injuries in children. Why is Sanus involved? Because one of the best ways to secure your TV and keep it from falling over is by wall-mounting it, and Sanus makes some excellent wall mounts. Sanus is also giving one winner $1000 worth of gear to help them mount their TV via the Safe and Sound Sweepstakes. According to Sanus’, an average 32-inch flat-panel weighs 50 pounds, the amount of three bowling balls. Ouch.

Next month Sanus will debut new products at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, including a new line of media furniture  that mounts directly to the wall under the TV, and an iPad mount for the iPad Air—perfect for the home cook who uses the iPad as a cookbook. They will also introduce a pro series of TV wall mounts for 4K TVs over 90 inches. Imagine one of those falling on you! Double ouch with a side of hospital stay.


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