Deal Alert: 4K For Under $1K, 3DTV Sale at Amazon

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Panasonic Amazon Sale

If you’ve been waiting for crazy TV sales, now is the time to strike at Amazon. Panasonic LCD TVs are a beautiful, slim design, and Seiki is still leading the pack when it comes to price. Here are two incredible deals available now:

Panasonic TC-L55WT60 55-Inch 3D Smart TV

First up is the Panasonic TC-L55WT60 (shown above), a 240Hz IPS LED-backed LCD TV that supports passive half-resolution polarized 3D  through the four pairs of 3D glasses included with the TV. Smart TV features are provided via the built-in Wifi connection, and the set features three HDMI inputs for good connectivity.

Snag it Today At Amazon for $1299, Almost 60% Off the List Price

Seiki Amazon SaleSeiki 50-Inch SE50UY04 4K UHDTV

There’s been a lot of excitement about Seiki 4K TVs, mainly because they are so unbelievably inexpensive. Now’s your chance to jump into the UHD revolution feet first, with the SE50UY04 goin for the bargain price of $768. These aren’t fancy TVs, but this model will put you at the front of the game with a display panel that will let you push PC gaming to the limit now and get your primed to enjoy 4K video when there is more of it ready for prime time.


Take Advantage of all the Crazy Deals At Amazon’s Overstock Sale



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