Google Re-examining Smart Thermostats with EnergySense

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According to a recent report by The Information, Google is peeping out smart thermostats via a program called EnergySense:

The company has been running a trial of Internet-connected home thermostats to help consumers monitor and adjust their energy use, according to two people told about the project. The program has been referred to as EnergySense, according to a document reviewed by The Information. Google has been registering non-employees to be “Trusted Testers” of the service in St. Louis and possibly elsewhere.

Google dabbled in smart thermostats a few years ago, an endeavor dubbed ‘PowerMeter’, but the project died. Google Ventures is also an investor in the Nest thermostat, so it’s unlikely that whatever EnergySense is, or becomes, will  compete directly with Nest. In fact, sources indicate that the thermostat will be used as a sort of data-gathering device. Ecobee–a big name in the smart thermostat market–is rumored to be the chosen hardware supplier for the project, though that’s unofficial as of yet. 

With this news, and the news from a few days ago in which we saw Google Ventures backing the Orange Chef connected kitchen devices (along with products like Chromecast), it’s  clear that Google wants to get into your home in a big way.

Source: The Information


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